Thursday, January 18, 2018

Strains of Silence Blog Tour & Giveaway

Music was her driving passion and the truest expression of her faith, but three months before her wedding, twenty-year-old Kasia Bernolak can’t even pick up her guitar. Feeling like a fraud who will ruin her dad’s pastoral reputation, she can barely meet his eyes. When Kasia finds the strength to break off her engagement, she still doesn’t realize the dangerous truth: Blake Hamilton isn’t ready to say goodbye. And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her.

Alexander “Zan” Maddox has seen what a domineering man can do to an unsuspecting woman, and Zan is sick of injustice. He gave up a college baseball scholarship so he could protect his sister from her abusive husband. When he rescues Kasia from her ex-fiancĂ©, he instinctively appoints himself her personal bodyguard. Now, all he has to do is keep from falling for her himself.
Kasia and Zan become fast friends, but true healing and justice might cost more than either of them is willing to pay.

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About the Author:
Bethany loves a home filled with family and friends. Word gets around that—at the Kaczmarek house—food is abundant, conversations are real, and anything is up for discussion. She and her clan are fans of laughter, indie music, sonic screwdrivers, and superheroes. Home is wherever in the world they’re all together.

My Review: 4 stars
I’m honestly not entirely sure where to start.  Though it took a chapter or two, I found this story so utterly compelling.  It kept me up much too late more than once and the further I read, the less I wanted to put it down.  I had to know how everything was going to work out!  I believe this is Bethany Kaczmarek’s debut novel and I will be anxiously awaiting the opportunity to read any future releases!

There’s a quality of authenticity within Ms. Kaczmarek’s writing that I so appreciated.  I found the characters came to life on the page and invited me into their stories.  I don’t know how she did it, but they quickly became dear friends, and I had to pause more than once and remind myself that they were fictional.  This story isn’t a light, easy read.  More than once I had to pause and wipe tears from my face, at the pain the characters were experiencing.  Much of the story focuses on the topic of physical abuse and while I’ve never faced that situation myself, I trust she portrayed it accurately.  So much so, that I actually found myself becoming frustrated with Kasia’s behavior toward the guy abusing her, though I understand that it’s most likely true.  And my heart just broke for her and others like her.

I also really enjoyed getting to know Alexander “Zan” Maddox and especially how Ms. Kaczmarek portrayed his faith journey.  The honest questions he asked, the debates and struggles.  Again, so very authentic.  I confess that I didn’t quite like Zan much, at first.  But he definitely grew on me as the story progressed.  I felt as though I knew Kasia and Zan quite well, but the other characters remained a bit one-dimensional, which was a little disappointing, because I would’ve so enjoyed getting to know their friends much better.  Though I do realize it probably would’ve made the book even longer, and it was tipping at over 400 pages (which flew by for me!).  I so enjoy stories that challenge me or pull me out of my world and into the characters’ lives, both of which this book did easily.  It isn’t a perfect story, with perfect characters, but there is so much of the author’s heart on each page and I appreciate the hope I found within a tale that could have otherwise been so very dark.

Now, onward to what you're actually looking for - the giveaway info!

To celebrate her tour, Bethany is giving away a grand grand prize a signed book, a Polish pottery mug with two of the main character’s favorite kinds of teas, 4 of her favorite albums (Josh Garrels, Waterdeep, The Gray Havens, and Andrew Greer), a box of chocolate butter cookies, and a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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