Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Review: In His Eyes

Her heart sought shelter. Her soul found home.

Ella Whitaker rescues a newborn from the dying arms of a woman of ill repute and at long last she has someone to love. In need of a wet nurse, she arrives at Belmont Plantation just as Federal soldiers demand to speak to the owner. Thinking quickly, Ella masquerades as a Yankee officer's widow in order to have a roof over her head and a home for the child.

Major Westley Remington has dedicated his life to serving his country. The Civil War has divided his family, torn his thoughts of glory, and left him with a wound that may never heal. Westley returns home on medical furlough to settle his fathers estate at Belmont Plantation, only to find his home is being run by a fiery and independent womanone many believe to be his wife. Now he is faced with a conflict hes never been trained to fight, and one she has yet to conquer.

About the Author:
Stephenia H. McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and lover of all things historical. Stephenia currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and life steeped in the South.
(You can find my interview with Ms. McGee here)

My Review: 3 stars
This is the first book Ive read from Ms. McGee and I really didnt know what to expect from it, but Im a sucker for marriage of convenience stories and was curious to read it.  Though its not my favorite book this year, I still enjoyed the adventure and am looking forward to reading another of this authors tales.
Ms. McGee has a unique writing style and I quite enjoyed her way with words.  Her descriptions gave this story vivid colors and created clear images in my mind of the place and characters.  There is one place where I especially love them, but I dont want to spoil anything, so Ill refrain.  I was also curious about the setting and time period.  Ive read several books set right after the Civil War and each has offered a different or new perspective on such a horrible time in my nations history.  Its obvious that the author has done a good bit of research and highlighted some things I wasnt aware of, so I definitely enjoyed that.  I do wish she had taken a bit more time with the characters.  I wanted to love Ella and Westly, but didnt feel as though I really knew them.  I knew their emotions and their thoughts, but I didnt connect with them.  There was just something missing and they felt rather shallow to me.  And there were a couple events that were a little skimmed over and instead of getting the entire picture, I felt as though I was given just pieces of the puzzle and was expected to fill in the rest.
I did love the spiritual side of the story!  I so enjoyed watching Ella learn where to find her worth and her peace, and I appreciated how the titled played into that part of the story.  I thought Ms. McGee handled it beautifully!

Overall, I did enjoy this story and am anticipating trying another of this authors books.

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