Friday, July 7, 2017

My Review: Deep Waters

"Bad stuff happens.  Doesn't matter where you work or live.  It's just life.  We don't get to escape it."  - Shepherd Lightman

Thirty feet underwater when her oxygen tank fails, Caley Flynn fears it's been sabotaged--and she'll be the next to die. Her intern's already dead, her home breached and something's amiss at her Florida marine-life rescue center...but no one believes she's in danger. Except Shepherd Lightman. When Caley's brother asked him to check on her, the marine turned security specialist hoped it would be a case of calming down a nervous veterinarian. But the threats are all too real. Rescuing Caley and remaining alive isn't easy, but resisting his boss's sister is where the real danger lies. Because with his heart in the balance, he'll do whatever it takes to stop a killer who's desperate to keep a secret hidden.

About the Author:
Jessica R. Patch lives in the mid-south where she pens inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. When she's not hunched over her laptop or going on adventurous trips in the name of research with willing friends, you can find her watching way too much Netflix with her family and collecting recipes to amazing dishes she'll probably never cook.

My Review: 5 stars!
Ive recently become a big fan of Ms. Patchs and was SO excited to find out this book was the first in a new series!  I had high expectations for this story and can happily say that it exceeded them all!  Though after reading it, I now want to start at the beginning and read all of her books over again, while I anxiously await the next book in the series!  

"It's in the deep waters you really learn to trust God. 
You also have nowhere to go if the boat sinks. 
I believe I remember a young disciple who got out in the deep and started to sink.  
Seems Someone was instantly there to grab his hand, to keep him from going under."  - Miss Whittle

Ms. Patch did an excellent job with this story, as always.  She had me pulled into the mystery immediately and trying to guess whodunitthrough the entire book.  I was befuddled to the very end and definitely wasnt ready for it to be over, though I was anxious to find out if I was right (I wasnt).  I also loved the banter between Caley and Shepard and found myself grinning like a loon more than once.  I very much enjoyed getting to know these two characters and definitely wasnt ready to say, goodbyeas I turned the final page.  They stepped right off the page and became friends during these 200+ pages.  I loved Caleys strength and determination, even when she was scared spit-less.  I enjoyed seeing her step outside of the shell she had built around herself and learn how to fully live again.  And I think it would be almost impossible not to fall for Shepard. For the big man determined to protect Caley, regardless of the cost.  And the little boy deep inside, still expecting to be found wanting and be abandoned again.  He is so strong and confident, but also a bit awkward too, especially with physical contact.”  I so enjoyed following them through this story, as they chased answers to the mystery, but also too their personal questions and sometimes found them in unexpected places.

I highly recommend this book!  And am impatiently waiting for the next one!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review!  It'd definitely one of my shorter ones!  Haha!  Maybe it offsets how long my last one was!  Anyway, I hope you'll check out this book!  I was scrolling through my Kindle app, trying to decide what quotes I wanted to use and hadn't realized I'd highlighted so many!  I need to learn how to make memes, I think . . . .

Have a fabulous day!

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