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My Review: Where Two Hearts Meet

"But I don't think there's anything easy about grace. It's a call to not carry your hard stuff- your grief, your regret -alone, right?  . . . .Giving that up - that's hard.  Asking for help - that's not easy.  But it's worth it, don't you think?  Because once you realize you've been forgiven, you can forgive yourself."  - Caden Holt

In her kitchen at the Red Door Inn, executive chef Caden Holt is calm, collected, and competent. But when her boss asks her to show off their beautiful island to impress a visiting travel writer and save the inn, Caden is forced to face a world much bigger than her kitchen--and a man who makes her wish she was beautiful.

Journalist Adam Jacobs is on a forced sabbatical on Prince Edward Island. He's also on assignment to uncover a story. Instead he's falling in love with the island's red shores and Caden's sweets.

When Caden discovers Adam isn't who she thought he was, she realizes that the article he's writing could do more than ruin the inn's chances for survival--it might also break her heart.

About the Author:
Liz Johnson fell in love with Prince Edward Island the first time she set foot on it. When she's not plotting her next trip to the island, she works as a full-time marketing manager. She is the author of several novels including The Red Door Inn, a New York Times bestselling novella, and a handful of short stories. She makes her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

My Review: 5 stars!
I’ve been so excited to read this book, ever since learning it would be Caden’s story and I can happily say that it didn’t disappoint in the least! I’ve been a big fan of Liz’s books ever since reading her very first Love Inspired Suspense novel and have enjoyed every single one of her books. There’s something about her writing that just draws me right in, alternating making me laugh, sniffle along with the characters, and cheer them on every step of the way, this book certainly not being an exception. I enjoyed each page of the story and was sorry to see it end - though it does have a great ending!

I loved returning to Prince Edward Island and getting to revisit some much loved characters, while also making the acquaintance of new friends. Ms. Johnson does such an excellent job of bringing the island and her fictional inhabitants to life that I often felt I was there with them, breathing in the scent of Caden’s cooking and listening to the waves brush against the beach. I love how her unique descriptions and attention to detail add an extra layer of depth: from the texture of the sand, to the brush of a breeze, to a particular scent, breathes more color into her stories. Though, be forewarned: the descriptions of Caden’s cooking may have you drooling and craving your own sweet treat.

As aforementioned, Caden Holt is the heroine of this novel and she may very well be one of my favorites! I adored her in the previous book as she quickly became Marie’s best friend, so of course, I couldn’t wait to get to know her better. I really loved how she isn’t the stereotypical heroine, appearance-wise - she is a bit more on the curvy side from enjoying her own cooking and struggles a bit with her self image. I’ve rarely read a book where this topic is handled well: the character usually comes across as self-absorbed or dreadfully insecure, but Ms. Johnson handled it with tact. Much more emphasis is placed on her character than on her appearance, and though it is brought up a few times, it only served to make Caden seem more realistic. She is kind, funny, rather awkward at times, and a bit insecure, but also brave and determined to do anything her friends need. She is a character I could easily see myself being great friends with, were she real.
And Adam Jacobs is the perfect hero for Caden, drawing her out of her shell and seeing beyond the preconceived notions of her small-town. He’s at the inn trying to get away from his guilt and find a way through the writer’s block confining his words. I loved him from the first, when he meets Caden, invading her domain, and promptly wheedling a cinnamon roll out of the kitchen on his way through. He’s struggling when he first arrives and his story is one that tugged at my heart, as he deals with painful memories and learning to forgive.

I also enjoyed the new characters I got to meet, including a very sweet couple, Levi and Esther Eisenburg. They are the kind of characters that maybe started out as just extras, but then become so much more until you couldn’t imagine the story without them. I loved their words of wisdom and Esther’s playing matchmaker for Adam and Caden.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book and am highly anticipating the next adventure at The Red Door Inn!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with an underlying story that makes it so much more!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my review and will consider checking into Liz's new book further!  And, for those who are already fans of her books, I have to share that the next (and I think probably final) book in the series is already available for preorder!  And I love the title: On Love's Gentle Shore  (click the title to head to Amazon) . . . .  And, if you're curious, like me, there's a little blurb to give an idea of what the next book is about!  Ah!  The excitement! 
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