Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Face Me Blog Tour - Dare to Show Your Beauty

I’ve been thinking and praying about what to write for this blog post ever since Jaime came up with the idea and guess what I have. That’s right. I still have a whole lot of nothing. Oh, I’ve written down ideas - they all got crossed out. So, if you’re feeling brave, then please continue reading. I honestly have no clue where this post is going to go, or if it’s even going to make sense. I’m just hoping and praying that God is able to use something from what is probably going to be a conglomeration of my thoughts, to encourage or inspire you.

Here is a makeup free picture of me.  I actually took it Sunday morning, before getting ready for church - that should explain the semi-sleepy expression and half smile.

I’ve struggled a lot with self-image issues, as I’m pretty sure most women do at some point. It’s nothing new. Even in historical times women struggled with comparing themselves to others. The only difference now is that the images are right there, bombarding young girls and women almost constantly. In our high-tech world the fashion industry is able to influence so many more people at once. And if you pay attention to what the ads say you’ll soon realize that, according to the world’s standards, you can never be “good enough.” There will always be some new product to hide this, thin that, etc. It isn’t overt, but it’s right there. Just when you think you’ve reached that elusive “perfection” something else comes along and you’re right back to striving once again.
The theme verse for this blog tour is Psalm 139:14, which says “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (NIV) I’ve heard this verse over and over in my life, well-meaning folks doing their best to encourage me to see myself the way God does. Which is so much easier said than done. Until I read something (and I honestly have no idea where I read it) that has stuck with me. Someone pointed out that the Bible says we are each created by God. Every one of us is unique in our own way, there are no two alike, right? So if God created us, then when we complain about our appearance or some other facet of ourselves, we’re telling God He made a mistake. That He did something wrong. How could that be, if God is perfect? How could He essentially create junk? It isn’t possible. He made each of us to be exactly who we are, with our looks, personalities, quirks and all. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” because of Who made us. Not because of anything we can do, or anything we can achieve. When we look at a priceless work of art, we don’t applaud the piece, as though it made itself, but rather we praise the maker of it. One other thing about art, is that it actually isn’t perfect. I’m told that if you look closely at a painting, or a piece of pottery, or something, you will notice tiny flaws, things the artist either didn’t notice or chose to leave as is. This is because as human beings, we’re flawed. We are unable to create something that is “perfect,” because we are not. Unlike us, God creates perfect things. There are no tiny flaws or things overlooked. We are truly His perfect, priceless, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
Thank you so much for coming by my blog and joining us on our tour!  I hope this mess made some sort of sense. :)  For the next stop on the tour, be sure to select this link to head over to Emilie's blog.  I'll also include the list of all participating blogs at the bottom, in case you missed one.
Now, for your part of this tour.  We would love it if you would share a makeup-free photo of yourself on social media and dare to show your God given beauty!  If you do this, be sure to use the #FACEme.
Thanks again for stopping by!  If you don't take anything else away from this post, I pray that you will remember that you are beautiful and precious and loved and enough in God's eyes.

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  1. Sarah- you said a lot. I agree that the world sets us up to never be good enough while God made us even better - in His image - all along. Thanks for sharing yourself & your insights - and for being beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing Shara - you are beautiful! Thank you for being brave and sharing with us all :D

  3. That made a LOT of sense! :) What a good reminder that there's no way I can create perfection in any form, including how I look or act. But He can. What a relief to just rest in that thought.

  4. Such a great post! You look great without make up and hair done. Naturally beautiful.

  5. YES! Why do we compare ourselves to others? There is no other US. God made us special. Every soul unique. Every woman with so many beautiful qualities. I pray we remember that today! Thanks for helping the rest of us be brave too! ; )

  6. Hey sweetie -- FANTASTIC post. Love your heart and desire to serve the Lord!