Sunday, June 8, 2014

My writing: Waiting


You used to call on My name, but now you say I don't hear you.  You used to reach out to Me for My peace and the comfort of My arms, but now you say I don't care.  What happened to your faith, dear one?  The day you walked away is one I will never forget.  You turned your back on Me and said, "enough!  I won't do this anymore!"  When I called to you, you ignored Me, unwilling to listen.  It seems like just yesterday, when you gave your life to Me, but now the pain and trials of this life are immense, and they are trying to drown you.  Right now, it seems they're succeeding. 
Your smile is gone, no one has seen it in what seems like ages.  That joy you had that was so contagious, it has disappeared too.  Now all you do is frown and hold people at a distance - you are so afraid of being hurt again that you shut everyone out.  When will you learn to trust again?
I miss you so much.  Your smile, that laugh; it was music to My ears.  I miss the sound of your voice raised in praise to Me.  I miss hearing your prayers, all those thoughts you would pour out to Me.  Please, turn back to Me.  My arms are open wide, awaiting your return.  I long to cover you with My love and grace, to hear you say My name like you used to: with love, joy, and reverence.  Now only disdain drips from your words when you speak of Me.  But, I know that you will come back one day, hopefully soon.  Just know that I am here, waiting, whenever you are ready.

Your Heavenly Father
I actually wrote this for a character in a book.  I read Rachelle McCalla's Royal Wedding Threat and the heroine, Ava Wright, struck a chord in me.  I hope this encourages you in some way!  God bless! 


  1. I absolutely love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This is incredible!!!!!! <3 <3 <3