Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Writing: Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces
Lord, I kneel before You,
all my brokenness clutched in my hands,
held so tightly I feel the jagged edges cutting my skin.
The pain becomes so intense that I finally release my burden.
I drop it at You feet, so ashamed of my poor offering,
I refuse to look up.
“Who would want someone so damaged?” I think.
“Just look at the mess I’ve laid before Him.”
Just as I steel myself to start gathering up the pieces,
sure You won’t want them,
I look up and see the kindest,
most loving expression on Your face.
You aren’t disgusted at the mess I’ve made of my life.
You don’t ignore or ridicule me,
or tell me I’m unworthy.
Instead, You reach down,
scoop up the pile
and quietly offer to help me put the pieces back together again.
What I looked at and saw as irreparable and unwanted,
You saw as a potential for great beauty.
After all, stained glass windows are made from broken pieces.

After looking through many pictures of stained glass windows, I finally chose this one of a cross, because I'm constantly reminded that when broken, messed up people surrender at the foot of the cross, God puts us back together again.  We become whole and beautiful, maybe with a few more scars then before, but like stained glass windows, our cracks just make us more able to shine God's light.  

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