Sunday, November 1, 2015

Do You Believe?

A month or so ago, I watched a film titled, “Do You Believe.” Admittedly, it’s a Christian film, produced by Pure Flix. I think it may have released sometime in the last year or so. Anyway, the title of it comes from an important question that is asked. A man, walking along the sidewalk, dragging a wooden cross, stops beside the car of a pastor and asks him, “Do you believe in the cross of Christ?” The pastor huffs a disbelieving laugh and answers in an incredulous voice, “I’m a pastor.” “Yes, but you didn’t answer the question,” the man insists. That struck me. How often do we give the expected answer? The pastor was startled by the question and didn’t even think before replying. How often do I do that? Have I ever really stopped to truly think about the question and my answer? Or do I simply give the expected response?

“Do you believe in the cross of Christ.” The answer sounds like an obvious one, but it requires action. A change. A difference. Would you die for what you believe? Would you risk everything for God? For His kingdom? How much is He worth to you? Because if it is less than your all, then you might reconsider your answer. Faith in God demands everything of you. Half-way isn’t an option. Just enough isn’t a possibility. The answer isn’t multiple choice. It’s yes with your whole heart, or no. Maybe has never been an option.

There is one decision. Two questions. Do you believe? If so, are you all-in?

For me, and maybe a few other people, these are difficult questions.  Who wants to consider death in the face of belief?  Many would ask if it's even worth it.  But if I'm going to live my faith, I want to have a clear picture of everything that entails.  So many times we gloss over the "unsavory" parts and end up telling people that if they'll follow God, everything will be fine.  We don't want to talk anyone out of believing.  Honestly, that's not even close to the truth.  Jesus warns us that we'll face tests and persecution as a result of being His followers (John 16:33).  But He continues in that same verse saying, "But take heart, I have overcome the world." 
Though the questions are difficult and truthfully, they gave me pause for a few moments, there's only one answer I'm able to give.  A yes!, loud and resounding, without an ounce of fear.  Because living without Him isn't something I can even bear to consider. 

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