Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Music perspective: What I Know by Tricia Brock

Tricia Brock is from the Contemporary Christian band Superchick, which separated some time ago (I honestly don't know when).  I recently fell in love with her song What I Know after hearing it in the film, God's Not Dead.
The lyrics are so meaningful and touch my heart.  Here's the link for a lyric video on YouTube, if you would like to take a moment to listen to the song.   What I Know

The chorus says:
But what I know
Is You my God are real
No Matter how I feel
You've never let me go
And what I know
Is there will never be a day
You aren't just a breath away
And through it all I've got to hold
To what I know

How often do we allow what we "feel" to influence what we think about the Lord?  We too often rely on human emotions to determine the truth about God.  It's probably not a conscious thought.  We don't think, "well, I can't feel God today, so He must not be real" or "I haven't heard from God so He must not care about me" or "I don't feel His presence when I pray, so He isn't listening to me."  But the questions remain, right there, in the back of our minds "what if I'm wrong?  What if He isn't real?"  It's even more difficult when we're going through something and it seems like God has abandoned us.  We forget what He promises in His Word and we start doubting Him.  Faith takes a beating when we're struggling with life.  If we could just hide away from everything that could ever trip us up, then just maybe we would be okay.  But, we all know that isn't realistic and isn't going to happen.  So what do we do?  We focus on what we know about God and who He is.  What does His word say about Him?  About His character?  What promises does He make?  Has He been faithful to keep those promises? 
I love the song anyway, but what really strikes me is the chorus.  Tricia is making a statement of faith.  I know my God is real, period.  My feelings won't dictate what I know to be true of Him.  There's also a reminder that God is always with us." . . . there will never be a day, You aren't just a breath away . . . ."  If we can keep the truth about God close to our hearts now, then when we face something that tests our faith, we will be able to say, "what I know, is You my God are real, no matter how I feel.  You've never let me go."

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